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Your Voice is Critical to the Future of Landcare in Your Community

In the lead up to the August 2024 election Landcare NT has been actively advocating for the NT Government to provide resourcing and support for community landcare. NT Government funding is vital to ensure Landcare NT has the resources and financial stability to continue to support, strengthen and mobilise community landcare across all regions of the NT and deliver education for our next generations to ensure the long-term health of our environment. All other State and Territory Governments provide direct funding to their landcare peak-body.

Since opening dialogue with politicians, responses have been generally supportive of landcare but there has yet to be any election commitment. We put forward a 2-page proposal 'Empowering Community Landcare’ addressing the need to build resilient communities, support sustainable agriculture and restore our environment. Our needs to support community landcare were outlined in a strategic state government investment package asking for $2 million over five years (2024 to 2029).

We believe these investments are crucial for supporting community and industry groups to address issues of declining soil health, river health and water quality, biodiversity decline, salinity, pests and the impacts of climate change for greater collective health and resilience.

Therefore we need your help to engage in and garner support from your electoral candidate.

We know your candidates and their campaigners are out doorknocking and making appearances. You can add your voice to keep Landcare on their mind simply by mentioning that Landcare is important to you.

You can also let them know that you support Landcare NT’s budget asks to "Empower Community Landcare” outlined below:

Total Package: $2 million of Territory Government investment over five years

Strong Landcare Foundations

  • $135,000 p.a. to enable Landcare NT to maintain its core peak body functions: providing volunteer management, leading community building initiatives, delivering environmental projects, leveraging strategic partnerships and promoting community landcare action.

Landcare Support Program

  • $15,000 p.a. for the Landcare Insurance Program: vital for the safety and protection of community Landcare Groups and their volunteers.
  • $10,000 p.a. for Landcare Action Grants: providing resources to assist with the essential costs of running a community Landcare Group (i.e. safety equipment, signage) and undertake high-quality land and water management and restoration projects.

Mobilising Community Landcare Program

  • $200,000 p.a. for Landcare Coordinators: providing technical expertise and regional project coordination to bring Landcarers and key stakeholders together to tackle local environmental issues at a landscape scale. Delivering
  • $40,000 p.a. for Landcare Build Skills; growing community landcare across the NT through engagement and training opportunities, knowledge exchange and best-practice sharing and major community events.

Your voice matters and you can boost support for your Landcare group and the community Landcare movement by engaging with your local MP, writing letters to the editor and getting active on social media. For more information get in touch with us at 0476 516 631 or [email protected].

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