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Friends of East Point

About Friends of East Point

A small group of local volunteers started the group in August 2007 as the Breezeway Landcare Group to protect the East Point Reserve from illegal dumping of rubbish and illegal access by vehicles.  The group successfully lobbied for the Breezeway to be properly fenced and began to manage a large infestation of gamba grass which was creating very hot annual fires.

In April 2009 the group formed a committee and changed name to Friends of East Point in response to the threat of a canal development cutting through East Point at the barbeque and recreation area. The proposed development included a marina in Ludmilla Creek for super yachts, medium density accommodation in the Breezeway, and a Four Star Hotel at East Point.

Later that year as a result of the group's campaign to protect the reserve and a lack of community support the proposed marina development was scrapped in favour of maintaining the reserve's natural and social values.

Our goals

  • To promote, protect and enhance the environmental, cultural and aesthetic values of the area bounded by Colivas Road, George Crescent, Bayview Street and Ludmilla Salt Pans at East Point
  • To promote the enjoyment and appreciation of the East Point Breezeway by residents and the community
  • To identify and describe and assist in the preservation of the environmental, cultural and historical aspects of the East Point Breezeway
  • To protect and enhance the natural environment and biodiversity of the East Point Breezeway.

Group activities

  • Landcare open days
  • Working bees usually first Sunday of each month from 4:30pm
  • Weeding, mulching and watering
  • Fire prevention
  • Removal of rubbish
  • Fundraising trivia nights
  • Writing policy submissions to inform local development decisions
  • School talks

Friends of East Point Revegetation Site - long term restoration activities to build habitat and enhance the amenity of the area.  Friends of East Point Revegetation Site - long term restoration activities to build habitat and enhance the amenity of the area. 

The Breezeway

The Breezeway

The Breezeway is located at East Point Reserve located off Colivas Road, opposite Lake Alexander. It forms an important habitat corridor for many bird species and wallabies.


I am feeling good about doing voluntary work. It's great to help, to be part of and, as a result, to see an area of disturbed and damaged nature being slowly transformed back into a diverse and healthy habitat of native flora and fauna. It is also uplifting to work along like-minded people, share ideas among the group members and also have the occasional little nibbles and drinks with the group. Mathias Paul

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