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Gamba Grass Roots

Gamba Grass Roots is a volunteer group dedicated to the removal and control of gamba grass through community education, advocacy and co-ordination of gamba removal initiatives. We're aimed at raising awareness of the threat posed by gamba grass to our homes and communities, to our tourism sector and to our unique Top End landscape and wildlife.

If you'd like to join us or just make contact, email us at [email protected]. We have monthly online meetings which anyone is welcome to participate. You can find us on Facebook.

Also, it's worth a look at our website, where we tell stories of the landholders who’ve had success on their properties, the good work being done at the community level and the programs which are helping in the fight against gamba Territory-wide. We’re also holding up the spotlight to what needs to be done and calling for more resources from the NT Government to help fund the fight. Gamba grass is one of the biggest environmental threats currently faced by the Top End, and it’s going to take a big, grassroots swell of support from across our community to bring it under control!

Our objectives are to...

  • Be a respected and effective voice of the community with regard to the removal and control of Gamba grass.
  • Coordinate, elevate and advocate for desired outcomes to NT and Federal politicians and government agencies.
  • Support on-ground initiatives by local anti-gamba action groups/individuals.
  • Collaborate with other organisations with compatible objectives to enhance our credibility, voice, footprint and potential membership.

If you'd like to learn more about gamba grass, how it ended up in Northern Australia and what can be done about it, take a look at the Territory NRM's Gamba Grass Hub. To find out how lack of action on gamba means a dire future for the Northern Territory's most visited national park (Litchfield), read the 2023 scientist's report: The Cost of Not Acting.

Feature photo credit: John Woinarski

Gamba Grass Roots

Photo Credit: Sam Setterfield Photo Credit: Sam Setterfield

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