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We like bushwalking through beautiful Top End savanna, monsoon forest and stone country - while giving something back to it. Our hands are pretty full helping rangers protect the (mostly pristine) Tabletop and Tableland Ranges within Litchfield National Park from invasive and eco-transforming "super-weeds". The iconic Tabletop and Tableland Ranges (including the well-known Florence, Wangi and Tolmer Falls and newly opened up Central Valley area) are now at a turning point as they face being overrun by highly-flammable gamba and mission grasses and now by siam weed. Our volunteers target areas least accessible by vehicle or SSV, where we survey, grub and spray scattered, remote small patches of such infestations. By taking on this time-consuming task we make it possible for rangers, Gamba Army and contractors to focus on core infestations - thereby helping make the overall control efforts more efficient and effective. In return we get to walk though beautiful country, and swim and camp in lovely spots!

Weedwalkers have our own insurances, safety and emergency management procedures and experienced and qualified supervisors. Many of our volunteers have skills and accreditation in herbicide spraying, mapping, botany, bush navigation, remote first aid or other relevant skills. All have trained in how to identify the key "super-weeds" which threaten to transform natural landscapes across the Top End beyond recognition.

If you'd like to find out more and possibly join as a volunteer, email the address below with your phone number. If for some reason you can't "grub" (dig) weeds or would rather not spray herbicide, we can still use your help with surveying!

Similarly if you're a land manager dedicated to protecting plants and animals and their habitats under your care, but find your staff need help with surveying and addressing difficult-to-access outliers of invasive weeds such as the ones mentioned above, then get in contact and we'll let you know whether we have the capacity to offer assistance.

Weedwalkers Top End Landcare Group

A patch of invasive, eco-transforming gamba grass just off the popular Tabletop Track inLitchfield National Park. A patch of invasive, eco-transforming gamba grass just off the popular Tabletop Track inLitchfield National Park.

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