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Posted on 26 June, 2024

It’s A Wrap! Inspiring Young Minds in Environmental Science

It’s A Wrap! Inspiring Young Minds in Environmental Science

Landcare NT is thrilled to announce the successful completion of Semester 1 of our Flora, Fauna and Biodiversity Science Education Program launched in partnership with City of Darwin, Inspired NT, Territory Native Plants, and the Darwin Wildlife Sanctuary early this year.

This exciting collaboration brought together local environmental scientists and Top End primary schools in educating children about the wonders of native flora, fauna, and biodiversity. The program aimed to inspire young minds to appreciate the importance of environmental conservation and sustainability – and according to the students and teachers, we succeeded!

Through interactive classroom activities and hands-on experiences with native plants and animals under the guidance of local science experts, students gained valuable knowledge about the role of native flora and fauna in creating habitat, enhancing biodiversity, and addressing climate change.

In their own words, students said they learned a lot including that:

"Ecosystems with lots of plants and animals are better."

"If you take an animal home from the wild it is poaching."

"Plant libraries at the herbarium exist!"

When asked why learning about biodiversity was important the students commented:

"So we can help save the environment because more and more species are losing their homes like Lee Point which is very sad."

"Then we understand the effects on our environment and for the good of nature."

"So we don't end up accidentally destroying it."

Some of the activities that were a bit hit with the kids included learning about what was in their schoolyard, getting to handle the various animals brought in by Darwin Wildlife Sanctuary and getting to touch and observe plant specimens under the microscopes.

The teachers also were thrilled with the program, and some of the comments shared included:

"We are very grateful to have had such an engaging and relevant program at school. Students loved learning more about the natural environment – including what is on our school grounds. Big thank you!"

"The sessions provided the expert input to support students' engagement and understanding of flora and biodiversity in our local context."

"Students thoroughly enjoyed the walk around the school grounds looking for fauna. They were amazed at the different types and amounts of fauna in the school grounds."

"The animals created many opportunities for learning and the migrant children were especially interested. They also loved using the microscopes and the flower presses - equipment the students had not used before and they were very excited to use them."

We are grateful for the support of our partners and the enthusiasm of the students and teachers who participated. This program would not have been possible without the generous funding from City of Darwin and Inspired NT, allowing us to offer it at no cost to a limited number of Top End schools.

As we wrap up Semester 1, we are proud of the impact we have made and look forward to continuing the learning in the Semester 2 program that will take place in Palmerston and Litchfield schools. Thank you to everyone involved in supporting this innovative and important program helping to inspire the next generation of environmental leaders.

Learn more about the Program here or to get updates on Semester 2 follow us on Facebook.

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