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Posted on 23 February, 2024

Landcare NT 2023 Group Members’ Survey Results Are Now Out!

Landcare NT 2023 Group Members’ Survey Results Are Now Out!

Landcare NT conducted our annual Group Members’ Survey at the end of 2023 to provide valuable information about the needs and challenges of volunteers, the impact of community-led landcare and how Landcare NT can best support ongoing action. 

The data highlighted the significant impact that community landcare has across the NT, also underpinning our advocacy at a Territory and federal level for future funding, and showing that the social, economic and environmental benefits of community landcare is something the NT cannot afford to lose.

What We Learned

100% of our group members completed the survey, revealing that over 730 volunteers participated in landcare activities in 2022-23. Survey results showed that weed eradication, community education, litter removal, native plant revegetation and fire control were among the top community landcare activities. 45% of groups indicated they provided expertise into regional and NT Government advisory committees, and 16 partnerships with Indigenous groups occurred across the NT. A total of 54 community events and field trips were held, and 469 working bees (including some community education). 

Overall, 10, 709 volunteer hours were contributed to Landcare activities in 2022-2023, which equates to an estimated total of $499, 253 in positive environmental impact!

Landcare NT 2023 Group Members’ Survey Results Are Now Out!

Members commented on the value of the insurance scheme established by Landcare NT in 2023 (following member feedback in 2022). One group member commented, “Without your insurance we could not go ahead with our events. Knowing we have the help from Landcare NT makes our events safer. The promotion we receive from Landcare NT also assists in volunteer numbers which is fantastic.”

Landcare NT is pleased to continue to extend this vital service to our members in the year ahead.

Why It Matters 

We thank our members for taking the time to complete this survey, and their incredible dedication to caring for land and waterways across the NT. 

Community landcare has never been more vital as the Northern Territory (and Australia) respond to the impacts of climate change, which includes tackling issues of declining soil health, river health and water quality, biodiversity loss, salinity, pests, bushfires and other impacts. 

Funding and support for Landcare NT is a vital step towards ensuring more resilient, connected communities dedicated to sustainable land management practices and a greener, healthier future for us and our environment.

To see the full survey results visit our website at Landcare NT Group Members’ Survey Results 2023.

Feature photo credit: Weedwalkers Top End Landcare Group

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